Placeholder Anillo de tungsteno negro con nudo celta para hombre, pulido | 8mm

Anillo de tungsteno negro con nudo celta para hombre, pulido | 8mm

$70.61 USD
$55.63 USD

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Tara Kreinbrink

I purchased this ring as a gift but was off on my sizing. It look less than a week of turnaround to get the new one to me once I got the first ring sent back in - and this was over a holiday weekend. The ring is gorgeous and has a solid weight to it so you don't feel like it's just going to snap in half. Wonderful customer service and a beautiful product.


I looked at hundreds and hundreds of Celtic knot rings on several sites , Then I came across JMR they had Celtic knot wedding band I was looking for. The ring was is beautiful and JMR customer service is awesome and have had several compliments on how unique it is. I highly recommend JMR

Absolutely stunning!

I bought this ring as a commitment ring for my fiance', and we both thought it was perfect for us. He absolutely loves it and wears it 24/7. I'd originally ordered a 10, which was what he felt was the perfect size after having his finger sized by a jeweler, but it was way big. We exchanged it for a 9.5, which is still sort of loose, but comfortable. JMR handled the exchange with the utmost ease and customer care. My fiance' had it back within 6 days of JMR receiving the first one, and that was with a holiday weekend.


even though I thought I order a size 10 and got a size 9.5 the ring still fit. I also thought it would come in a box of some sort but didn't. its okay though. I'd suggest a option for with or w/o a box. got the ring for my nephew, he loved it and that's what matters.

Love it

I bought a plain tungsten ring at an out let mall in Branson, MO for almost twice the price of this ring and this ring is twice as nice as the other one. Fits great and my wife loves it

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