Placeholder Anillo giratorio de tungsteno con espejo para hombre, 8 mm

Anillo giratorio de tungsteno con espejo para hombre, 8 mm

$41.68 USD
$32.05 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Louise Bolka

Very unique piece of jewelry. I especially like the mirrored cuts because it really catches the eye. Tungsten is a very attractive liquids type of metal!! Glad I purchased it!!

Marco C
Simple, minimalistic, works as intended and amazing

I was looking for a fashionable but not too flashy, non clunky spinner ring that actually works for men for a long time now and happened to stumble upon this. Although shipping did take longer than expected, I can definitely say it was worth the wait and does satisfy my needs. (This was likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic) Note that the spinning mechanic for my product did take some time to settle in and spin smoothly but did not take too long. 3 months in of daily use and its still holding up quite nicely with no signs of any concern. This is definitely a purchase I don�t regret and would recommend with no complains.

Mrs. Jacks

My husband and I have been looking for a spinning ring that would fit our budget and with your site was able to find one. Its beautiful and the detail is flawless! My husband and I are extremely happy with your product and will recommend this site to everyone!


Gorgeous and beautiful ring...awesome service (Quick delivery) love love this site and recommend to everyone

Wonderful Ring, Great value.

This ring looks great, it's nice and hefty and the spinning mechanism works better than other spinner rings I have tried. Great for the price.

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