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What is the difference between comfort fit and traditional fit rings?

Finding your soulmate was the hard part, but finding the perfect wedding ring can present its own set of challenges. Have you ever noticed how various rings can feel so different on your finger, even when they’re made from the same material? Beyond ring sizes, materials, finishes, or embellishments, wedding and engagement rings are also differentiated when it concerns the interior shape of the band. There are two main types of sizing systems in North America, and it’s important to understand the differences between standard fit and comfort fit so you can choose the best interior option for your finger and long-lasting comfort. Here’s a quick comparison of comfort fit rings versus traditional fit rings:

Comfort Fit vs. Traditional Fit Rings:

Traditional Fit Rings

  • The traditional fit, also known as the standard fit, is an older type of interior composition that was used by jewelry makers for centuries prior to the development of more comfortable designs. This traditional style is flat along the interior of the ring, resulting in the same diameter from one edge to the other.
  • You can commonly find traditional fittings with rings made from precious metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, or palladium, the newest precious metal.
  • Standard fit bands do not feature any extra dome of metal.
  • Contrary to popular belief, standard-fit wedding bands are not uncomfortable by any means. However, they may not be the best option for grooms who work with their hands all day or live active lifestyles.

Comfort Fit Rings

    • Comfort fit rings are a recent innovation and have a significantly more rounded interior than traditional fit rings. As a result, they tend to put less pressure on the finger.
    • The domed interior shape utilizes more material, so comfort fit bands may cost more than traditionally sized wedding rings. Rings with a comfort fitting may also wear a half size smaller.
    • Although men’s rings made from precious metals typically feature traditional fittings, precious metals are more malleable than alternative metals due to their higher purity contents and comfort fittings can be requested at a slightly higher cost.
    • Most men’s wedding rings that are made from alternative metals automatically come with a comfort fitting at no extra charge, so you can save for other aspects of your big day.
    • Comfort fit wedding bands are especially recommended for men because they can easily squeeze over large knuckles. This is especially important for men in demanding jobs because removing your ring in the event of swelling or an emergency can prevent unnecessary health risks.

Now that you know some of the essential differences of comfort fit rings versus traditional fit rings, advises you to have your finger measured at your local jewelry store to ensure that you’re choosing the perfect ring for your finger and all-day comfort.

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