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While the Four C’s may not be as important for men’s diamond rings as they are for women’s, there is another important factor to consider: diamond settings. Since most men’s rings use smaller diamonds in their designs, unique diamond ring settings can make all the difference with defining the look and style of men’s rings. Here are some of the most popular types of settings seen in both traditional and contemporary men’s diamond rings.


Types of Diamond Settings

Bezel - Despite its contemporary look, the bezel setting is actually one of the oldest types of settings. A piece of metal, or a bezel, wraps around the stone and is bent over it to securely hold it in place. Bezel diamond settings are known for making stones appear to be larger than they actually are.

Burnish - In the burnish setting, the area that the diamond will be set into is first prepped by drilling a hole so that the diamond will ultimately be flush with the surface of the surrounding material. A rubbing tool is used to push metal around the diamond to hold it into place. The burnish setting is considered to have a very modern look.

Channel - Two metal channels hold a diamond or diamonds in the channel setting, giving the dramatic appearance of the stones almost floating. The channel setting has somewhat of a sophisticated vintage appeal.

Bead and Pavé - In the bead setting impressions are made into the material, and diamonds are placed in the indentations and held in place by tiny beads. A popular variation of the bead setting is the pavé setting, which places the diamonds very closely together for a dazzling cobblestone-like effect.

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