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Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17 - celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, and the unique Celtic heritage of the isle. Around the world, St. Patty’s Day is often met with celebrations that include green beer, parades, and exchanging of Irish-themed gifts, including Celtic rings and other jewelry.


Celtic art and jewelry design is known for its grace and intricate details. Amazing patterns with specific meanings and long histories. Shamrocks, Celtic style crosses, and the specific and uniquely Irish Claddagh.


When a man is proud of his Irish heritage, there’s no better way to show it off than a ring. Proud, bold, sensitive, and sentimental, celtic rings are a bright, bold way to show off how sentimental he is about his family and their Irish legacy.


Our ring collection offers a variety of styles, sizes, and materials that put the love of Irish culture and heritage right on a man’s hand, for all the world to see.


Celtic Cross Rings

A traditional Celtic symbol going back to the 5th century, the squared cross combines early Catholic symbolism with traditional Celtic and Gaelic symbols. Inscribed on architecture, art, and jewelry throughout the centuries, it’s a uniquely Irish statement of faith and history.


Our handsome stainless steel Celtic cross ring is further detailed with a woven Celtic knot design and brilliant single-set cubic zirconia around the band. An unpolished finish makes this bold band rustic and casual.


Celtic Knot Ring Designs

There are dozens of Celtic knot designs, regional and traditional to different parts of Ireland. Different clans and families and different time periods contribute many meanings to the various traditional symbols. Celtic knots can symbolize eternity, interwoven destiny, and statements of faith.

This black Tungsten men’s Celtic Knot ring has a lasered silver knot pattern around the center of the band. Highly polished, this lightweight, hypoallergenic metal shows Irish pride in a sleek and comfortable design.

Stainless steel with a gold trinity knot insert, this bold and charming Celtic knot ring has a refined, regal style. With interlaced pattern representing the holy trinity, it is a slender and elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

This highly polished stainless steel Celtic knot ring has an open and interwoven band. Attention grabbing and sophisticated, this ring works as either a fashion ring or a wedding band.

Claddagh Rings

Two hands clasped on a heart that is topped with a crown, the uniquely Irish Claddagh is a ring design that goes back to the 1600s. It is a symbol that can be applied to friendships, long term relationships, children, and anyone who means a great deal.

This high-polish stainless steel Claddagh ring has a thin and graceful band with detailed engraving down the sides and open at the top, around the heart. Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to engrave and maintain.

This solid stainless steel band is engraved with a detailed Claddagh design that stretches over half of the band. Thick and sturdy, it handsomely complements any size hand.

Shamrock and Dragon Ring Designs

Irish clover, called the “shamrock,” grows in a natural 3-leaf pattern. In the 5th century, a Catholic priest named Patrick used the symbol of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people. The priest - now known as Saint Patrick - created the shamrock as a unique symbol of Irish faith.

This spinning shamrock and Celtic trinity knot ring combines two fantastic symbols of the trinity - the 3-pointed Celtic knot and the classic Irish shamrock. Sterling silver, embossed, and engraved, this fun ring also spins on its central band.

Bold and whimsical, this one-of-a-kind Celtic dragon ring combines a traditional Celtic artistic style with one of the most handsome medieval European symbols. Dragons are a favorite inspirational creature throughout all of medieval artwork, and this stainless steel design shows that in a uniquely Celtic way.

Celebrate St. Patty’s day in your heart and on your finger. Give a gift of heritage and legacy and show him how much you love to celebrate where he comes from.

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