Placeholder Buying Men’s Rings Just Got Easier

Buying Men’s Rings Just Got Easier

Press Release

Loma Linda, California Jun 29, 2019 ( 
  • Enhanced filter system, ease in finding your size or style
  • Ability to text us for immediate assistance
  • New Ownership focused on Customer Experience, the specialty online jewelry retailer is best known for its spectacular selection of men’s rings and men’s wedding bands is pleased to celebrate a new store design, texting capabilities and customer experience. This well-known Internet retailer is conscious of the latest trends in consumer behavior and has made some important changes on its website to reflect this, including better usability design, more dynamic pages and the addition of texting features and customer focused experience., a leading retailer of men’s wedding rings and many designers and fashion men’s rings, is pleased to add new user features on the site to make buying men’s rings even easier. In addition to the remarkable selection of affordable men’s rings in every metal and style, JMR is known for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to user experience. By adding new functionality and enhanced usability features, the retailer is starting the summer 2019 shopping season with a bang.

Known for its innovative approach to online marketing, the new owner of is always seeking new ways to improve their customers’ experience on the website. Not only are we devoted to providing top notch customer service, they also strive to be among the first in the industry to adopt new products. As a result, their inventory of men’s wedding bands and other fashionable men’s rings is second to none. When customers land at, they usually find what they are looking for quickly because the site is so shopper-friendly, especially with our new filter options to find what you need easier.

Research has revealed that half of all men’s rings and men’s jewelry are purchased by women for their man, and the other half is purchased by men for themselves. It is with this idea in mind that has been completely redesigned with the latest shopping technology. From the first page of the site, which features a visual guide for shopping by metal, shoppers are invited into this innovative men’s ring store to buy the latest collections of men’s fashion rings, designer rings and wedding bands. Ease of use makes it a pleasure to shop here and compare prices in a variety of styles, check size availability and shop by collection. This way, if a shopper is visiting the website to look for Men’s Tungsten Carbide ring he or she will not need to scroll through pages and pages of non-Tungsten rings in order to find them.

When it’s time to buy men’s rings, online shoppers are not as patient as traditional shoppers in finding what they want. Usability studies have shown how quickly jewellery shoppers switch to another men’s ring store when a site is too difficult to navigate. The implementation of a new shopping interface and other modern ecommerce features has allowed JMR to reorganize its inventory. Now it’s easier than ever to find a specific type of ring, compare prices or checkout at their new EV secure shopping cart.

About JustMensRings: 
As an Internet-only retailer, is dedicated to providing a simple and secure online shopping experience. This is one site where customers know they are getting the best possible prices on an extraordinary selection of men’s rings. JMR’s customers have come to expect high standards of service, selection and quality when they shop at In fact, Just Men’s Rings ( now offers the largest selection of men’s fashion rings on the Internet, and they are the only store in the U.S. that offers men’s large size rings through size 20. They also lead their competitors with an unparalleled assortment of unique and alternative men’s wedding rings, and JMR is known for their very low prices on men’s rings.

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