Placeholder de bodas de cromo cobalto para hombre con acabado satinado y bordes pu

de bodas de cromo cobalto para hombre con acabado satinado y bordes pulidos | 8mm

$62.05 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stephanie Lezcano
Great Ring

My husband absolutely hates jewlery, and he loves this ring. It is very comfortable, durable, and it looks good. He also likes the fact that he can open beer bottles with it without damaging the ring! Just Men's Rings has excellent customer service, and they were extremely patient with me while we were trying to figure out the sizing of his ring. I would definitely recommend this product and this business.

Great Ring

Ring was shipped in a timely manner. High quality product. Wishes the ring came with a ring box and not just wrapped in bubble wrap.


Great quality and shipped in the estimated time. My boyfriend absolutely loves it and says it is very comfortable. We both love the satin finish and cobalt is a great metal.

Jackie O
Perfect ring

My husband is in the jewelry business, when he said he wanted a cobalt ring, I had no clue what he was talking about. We went to a Ben Bridge and he showed me a few that he liked. I searched and found just mens rings and the price couldn't be beat! I ordered this ring which is very similar to the one we saw at the store. The ring shipped quickly and he loves it. He's been wearing it for about a month and it still looks like new. Cannot beat this site for quality and quick shipping. Thank you just mens rings, my husband now looks like a married man while he is out and about!

Beautiful Ring

Very fast shipping... beautiful ring. Very happy with purchase!

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