Placeholder Men's Titanium Ring with Satin Finish with Round Screws | 8mm

Men's Titanium Ring with Satin Finish with Round Screws | 8mm

$123.05 USD

4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect wedding band

I bought this for me Fiance as his wedding band and had it engraved for our wedding day. I gave it to him on Christmas and he absolutely loved it. the light weight material is perfect. The engraving they did just right and it looks excellent. We both love the ring. The customer service was top notch because I ordered the ring online and realized I ordered the wrong size. I called right away and they answered the phone quickly and were able to help me get the correct size we needed.

Future Husband

My soon to be husband loved it. Not to mention it came so fast. The engravings were perfect. And the price....... was reasonable! Thank you again can't wait to see my future husband wear his ring everyday!


Both this ring for my wedding day. My partner and i are completely satisfied and let me tell you. I have gotten so many compliments on it since. Thank you

Love this ring !!

I purchased this ring as a surprise for my husband. I used the size of his last ring which was 10 1/2 but had to returned it because it was too large. He loves his ring and was reluctant to return it because he wanted to know how long he would have to not be able to wear it. Excellent ring. Excellent quality. Great purchase!

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