Placeholder website What are Tantalum Rings?
If you haven’t heard about tantalum rings recently, don’t worry. You’ll be hearing about them a lot more in the future.

Tantalum has been used in metal alloys for decades and recently, has become a sweetheart of the jewelry metal world. This rare earth metal has experienced a huge surge in popularity, as jewelers and fashionable hipsters alike realize that this metal has a lot to offer on its own.

A little darker in color grey than platinum, tantalum has about the same strength and all the great benefits you’ve heard about with other top-of-the-line men’s rings.

This modern classic metal is changing the jewelry world. Something to match the style of any man. For today and all the future.

Chic and Geeky
Every futuristic geek wants a ring that looks like something he might see on a spaceship. Or on the finger of a starship cruiser captain. With its scientific-sounding name and brilliant specs, “tantalum” has that geek chic charm that goes with black frame glasses and bowties.

Lightweight, sturdy, and conductive, tantalum is virtually corrosion-proof. It definitely looks like the type of metal that might line the interior and exterior panels of intergalactic transports.

In real life, tantalum is used for alloys in a lot of technology. It is a pretty savvy metal that you’ll find in most phones, computers, and sophisticated futuristic devices.

It is strong and reliable enough to make things like medical and bio-medical equipment. This hypoallergenic metal doesn’t cause allergic reactions or aggravate skin conditions. Someday, bionic body parts of tomorrow could be made from tantalum. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Manly and Bold
Sturdy, scratch-resistant, handsome. It’d be great if we could stay tantalum rings are “indestructible,” but that may be going a bit too far. Not too too far, but a little.

Thick width tantalum rings stand up to the challenges facing an everyday, working man’s hands. The metal doesn’t conduct heat - so it won’t expand or get uncomfortably warm on his finger. It is resistant to corrosion from water and chemicals. Minor scuffs and scratches polish out easily.

The most masculine tantalum rings combine this sturdy metal with a bold, eye-catching inlay, like this 8mm one with squared edges and rich carbon fiber.

So although his ring may be shiny and futuristic, it’s no high-maintenance frilly accessory. It’s a band of metal that works hard to remind him how much you love him.

Find tantalum rings with smooth, satin, polished, or textured finishes to meet his look and style. A naturally lustrous metal, tantalum has a high shine, but if textured or given other design elements while heated, it will hold that finish.

Most of our tantalum rings come with complimentary engravings up to 30 letters. Put a special and secret message on the band’s underside.
Inlays give an already great look something extra. A rare look for a rare metal, a tantalum ring with inlay is pretty much always guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind in any room.

If you want something sturdy and bold, manly and geeky at the same time, tantalum could be the perfect metal for the wedding right of the man in your life. Shop the selection of tantalum rings knowing full well that whatever you choose will be the amazing highlight of his jewelry collection.

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