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Faith Rings for Men

Celebrating your faith doesn’t have to happen once a week. For centuries, spiritual men have only worn rosaries or other articles of jewelry to express religious affiliation. Today, men are taking the lead on accessorizing to express their passions and devotion by wearing fashionable rings to celebrate their beliefs. Christian ring styles vary from conservative to intricate, and there are also a wide variety of metals and materials to choose from.

Religious Rings: Fashion Transformation

Despite their popularity as wedding bands, there is no biblical requirement that devout Christian men wear Christian rings. Rather, men of faith choose to wear these rings as a public expression of their faith in God. Christian ring styles have grown to encapsulate two-toned bands, spinner rings, and so much more. Faithful fashion, as we like to call it, shows no signs of slowing down in popularity.

Faith Spinner Rings

In the world of men's rings, there is a fine line between alternative wedding bands and fashion rings, with many styles being interchangeable. Some of the more casual styles of these rings are spinner rings, otherwise known as worry rings, which feature a stationary inner band and a spinning outer band. The outer band usually offers some intricate design. In the case of Christian rings, these intricate designs are usually crosses, doves, or Jesus fish symbols.

The Jesus Fish symbol may seem like a recent invention, but it actually predates the cross. Followers of Christ used this symbol to recognize one another during the period of Roman persecution, and it is based on the fishermen who became disciples of Jesus. In addition to being a symbol of Christianity, the fish symbol also reminds believers of Christ's unconditional love. Whether one chooses to wear a cross, fish, dove, or other symbol to represent their Christian faith, the underlying theme of Christian accessories is to remind the wearer to do more than just talk the talk. Walk the walk with confidence.

Faith Wedding Bands

Until recently, a wedding was almost always conducted as religious ceremonies. The gift of a wedding band during the ceremony was believed to have started in 850 A.D., but it was rare to see a man wearing a wedding ring until World War II. The act of exchanging rings represents the boundaries beyond which a particular relationship does not extend. Bestselling wedding bands often feature lasered or etched cross designs.

Faith Ring Styles: Metals

Historically speaking, Faith jewelry was only available in a small variety of metals: white or yellow gold and silver. Nowadays, these rings are available in an array of alternative metals: tungsten, stainless steel, titanium, and more. Deciding which metal may be best for you, your budget, and your lifestyle will depend on research and individual preference, but many of the alternative metals available have been fine tuned to produce high-quality jewelry at a fraction of the cost you’d pay otherwise.

While the selection of Faith rings may be better than ever, most are still quite conservative in design. After all, wearing a lot of flashy jewelry might make one appear vain or greedy, neither of which are Faith-like values. carries a wide selection of fashionable rings for Faith men. If you have any questions about this buying guide or need help finding the perfect gift for your special someone, please contact one of our jewelry experts today for further assistance.


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