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Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring - JTG0006

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Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring - JTG0006
Part Number: JTG0006
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Do more with less.This ring adds just enough flair to everyday wear to make you stand out as an extraordinarily attractive and stylish guy without making it look like you're trying too hard.It demands attention, but not distraction. It's enough to reel 'em in with fascination, but just subdued enough for them not to be able to pinpoint just which trait, out of your many pleasing qualities, they're drawn to.As we like to say, it's not ego; it's confidence. Just made out of comfy tungsten carbide. Comfort fit tungsten rings usually run 1/2 size larger, it is suggested you buy a half size smaller than your standard ring size. We recommend having your finger measured for a comfort fit ring at your local jewelry store for an accurate fit. All of our tungsten rings come with a two year warranty.

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