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Men have worn fashion rings and wedding rings for centuries. But what’s the difference? Why do men wear different types of rings? Some men wonder about the fashion rules for men’s rings, and may even avoid wearing rings because of fashion etiquette. Rules of fashion change, but some become traditions. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between men’s fashion rings and men’s wedding rings.

Men’s Fashion Rings

Men today have more fashion choices than ever. When it comes to men’s rings, there’s a wide selection. Rings for small hands or big hands. Sturdy and tough rings or fine and delicate rings. Trendy or traditional.

Historical Men’s Ring Fashion

In the past, only wealthy men could afford fashionable rings, as symbols of status. These rings were often made of the finest precious metals - like gold and silver - and included jewels, carvings, or other decorations. Traditionally, fashion rings are to make fashion statements, so they were highly designed, detailed, and personalized. Men wanted to catch people’s attention and have them ask about their rings.

Modern Men’s Ring Fashion

Today, more people buy fashion jewelry, and people make personal statements through fashion choices. A man can wear a highly designed and detailed ring, with or without jewels, to complement his personality and his style. Many men look at their hands throughout the day, and a fun or bold ring can be as much a statement to themselves as others. Rings are also made out of more materials today than in the past, making them lighter, stronger, and less expensive. Men have the option of many colors, designs, and sizes. Modern fashion rings for men are sometimes inspired by pop culture and include details that make them look like something you see in a movie or on TV. Still eye-catching, today’s rings are more accessible and accepted for every man - not just the very wealthy.

Men’s Wedding Rings

In many traditions, a couple exchanges rings on their wedding day to signify their commitment to one another. For some men, it is the only ring they wear everyday for all their lives. Because he commits as much to the ring as to his wife, many husbands treat choosing a wedding band as serious business!

Traditional Fashion for Men’s Wedding Rings

Throughout history, wedding rings have been made from gold, silver, or other precious metals. They are simple bands without much decoration on the outside, but often with an engraved message along the underside. The width of a wedding band is chosen based on the size of the man’s finger - and it should be comfortable look good. Sometimes, fashionable wedding rings would include a single diamond.

Modern Fashion for Men’s Wedding Rings

Today, many men choose customized designs to show their love and committment. Traditional wedding ring designs sometimes get a modern twist with a subtle detail - such as adding textured edges or an eye-catching finish to a simple gold band. Engraving along the band’s outside has become more popular, displaying personalized messages or symbols so that everyone who sees the ring will notice.

Materials and Design of Today’s Rings

There are still many designs of men’s rings made from gold, silver, platinum, and even brass. However, men have more choices today, including carbon fiber, stainless steel, tungsten steel, and titanium. More materials means that men’s rings have a lot more design choices, because jewelers can combine these materials in so many ways. Men’s rings are lighter, stronger, and more heavy-duty than ever before - to keep up with the hard work of the hand wearing the ring every day. Men’s rings can also come in colors ranging from polished silver to shining black. Today’s fine-tuned technology and equipment for making rings also means that jewelers make a range of finishes and detailed designs on a variety of materials. The line between men’s fashion rings and men’s wedding rings has been blurred in the past few decades, as men’s rings have become more popular and more varied.

Should I Get a Wedding Ring or a Fashion Ring?

Now that you know more about the history, design, and options out there for men’s rings, you might still feel unsure about which ring to get. If you’re looking for a man’s fashion ring, the rule is basically that I>nearly anything goes! As long as he likes it, as long as it feels right to him and shows who he is to the world, it’s the right fashion ring for that man.If you’re looking for a man’s wedding ring, just remember this: Men’s wedding rings can be fashionable, but really, they’re about marriage.Any ring a man puts on his hand should show who he is and make a statement about himself to the world. Most people stick with classic designs for wedding rings, but if the man isn’t exactly a “classic” kind-of-guy, then the modern rule is that the most important thing his wedding ring should be about is his marriage. A man’s wedding ring ring is a symbol of his love and commitment to his wife. As long as the ring always reminds him of her, it is the right wedding ring for him.

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