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Cobalt Rings

Despite its enigmatic hue and name, which comes from "kobold ore" , or German for goblin ore, cobalt is not the nefarious element it seems. 

In fact, this rich and lustrous material has long been prized for its physical and mystical properties. 

The deep, dark bluish tones evident in cobalt are often associated with depth, stability, and confidence. It is a shade of nature thought to straddle Earth and heaven, making it an element thought to be beneficial to both the mind and the body. 

Interestingly, cobalt, which is contained in the vitamin B12, is actually an essential element for life. 

This powerful symbolism, paired with it's durability and scratch-resistance, makes it an ideal material for crafting.

Ancient civilizations quickly became aware of cobalt's appeal and used it for all kinds of artisanal endeavors. 

Egyptians used it in sculptures and other artwork, and jewelry made from it has been found everywhere from the ruins of Pompeii to the remnants of the Tang dynasty in China. 

Today, cobalt remains revered for many reasons. 

It is astonishingly tough; indeed, is four times as hard as platinum while remaining less dense at the same time. It's low density paired with its high malleability allow for powerful, dynamic designs in rings and other jewelry. 

Our cobalt rings will never tarnish, are hypoallergenic and highly scratch-resistant and will hold a lifelong polish, entrancing wearers with their simple allure over time and space.
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